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In the modern environment of online design and constant visual importance, it’s vital that any business – big or small – can turn to someone they trust to get the right look. After all, an image speaks a thousand words and in this era of retweets and viral marketing, you have to get the right look. Helms Enterprises specializes in offering a client-driven form of design that ensures you are going to have an easy way to get your products and services noticed moving forward. If you are worried about your design not being up to scratch, we’ll help you get noticed. To do this, we set one crucial goal – to always bring customers to your business that are attracted by the image that you provide, to make them long-term clients. The more people who come to your business then the more likely you are to hit your profit targets and calculations, meaning that you can comfortably generate more money and therefore improve your business. It’s a virtuous circle, and one that needs the right impact and approach to digital marketing.

So, how do we make sure that you fit the criteria?

Well, we establish a complete working relationship with yourself, your staff and your main company requirements. We find out your long-term goals, your passions and your vision so we can fit all digital mastery around this. Once we understand what you need and desire, we start to form a long-term business plan that is going to be tailored to your company, your industry and the demographics you wish to latch onto and dominate.

We don’t just offer the same old template garbage that you get elsewhere – we move away from this, and offer something that applies to your business specifically. This ensures you get the best o both worlds – organic promotion, and digital reputation.

Every business wants to be a brand today and with Helms Enterprises you can get the chance of doing just that today. To many, though, branding is just the new buzzword for being insincere about your approach – we don’t see it that way.

We see branding as the means to making sure your business can identify with a certain demographic, and more importantly so that they can identify with you. It creates loyalty and sets you apart from the generic “Here to Help” mentality too many businesses think is a successful digital marketing approach.

Instead, we offer a way to make your brand iconic and easily identifiable. How? By implementing a wide range of branding options that all conform to tell the same story.

From your logo being everything you stand for and a true symbol of what your business entails to the deep delight of creating a brand vision that uses the right colouring and themes to really tell your story, we help to make your business stand out.

We even implement this into everything from a standard company logo to your website detail, stationary material and anything else you may feel is required.

The brand of your business is the hub of your very enterprise. Of your reason for existence. Instead of feeling embarrassed about being a “brand” consider the incredible value that brand management offers to not just your business, but your clients.

From a flashy business card that tells the story of your business to an empirical range of images that sum up everything you stand for, you’ll find that giving the public the information they need about your business is a lot easier than it was in the past.

Never discount the power of being a brand today!

Of course, no brand would be compatible without somewhere to make your brand seen, heard, loved and used. If you do not have a website today then you are automatically at the back of the queue for most people – the growing power of digital development means that your business is always likely to see a comprehensive change in the way that it comes across.

A growing part of all business today comes online, and your website acts as the very base for where all of your sales will come from. From shopping online to picking up services they may have missed out on during the day, a website allows your business to be seen and become the #1.choice.

Having a website is part of having an online presence, but it also acts as the primary hub for your brand. With our unique designs that fit your brand and also a tailored website that is optimized in design and in content to be the best it can be, you no longer have to hold back when promoting your business.

With website optimization and smart design from the one house, you’ll find your business can rise to meet any digital challenge presented.

Your business has to be seen not just as a useful provider of services or anything like that, but a genuine thought leader and someone who your clients can trust to give them information they can rely upon. However, as much as long-read content is a huge thing for most people, many also prefer to get information through easily digested images.

Our suggestion is why not use both?

With the help of our infographic design team, you can have both interesting content that is into the thousands of words, and engaging images that capture the attention of social media users especially.

Now, you can give people information through cool and freely designed infographics using the power of association and imagery to capture everyone’s attention. Infographics will be built around the kind of facts and figures you want, meaning that they can be the perfect supplementary solution to your current long-form content.

Infographics can get you discovered and the long-term content can make the sale –at Helms Enterprises we make sure you can have every chance possible to be a digital marketing success.

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