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Without a doubt, the world of social media has completely altered the way that we would have typically approached our business structure. It has raised public awareness, made profile more important than ever but also, crucially, ensured businesses are held accountable for good and bad service. For this reason, social media has altered the business world – and with Helms Enterprises, you can make sure it does not have to limit your potential.

Today, if your business lacks a social media presence, you are likely behind your competition. If you are in the process of gaining a strong foothold in your market, then social media can help you amplify those efforts to guarantee success.

At Helms Enterprises we are here to help deliver a solution that fits everyone. It can be tough to keep up with the constant change in social media, and as a business owner you need to stay ahead of the market. We can help you prepare and manage social media by running it for you, or help give your staff the training and understanding needed to make it work themselves.

We provide two forms of social media management – Social Media and Video Marketing.

Social Media Management

Many people feel quite daunted by the idea of social media marketing – why? Because it takes a lot out of you. It can be a really quite strenuous activity to get involved with, such is the volume of management needed on a daily basis. Social media is a time consuming endeavor but, with the right practices and positions put in place, you can make it much easier to enjoy being a part of. As part of our long-term social media management program, we’ll tailor the entire program to fit your company’s needs, selling your business as the perfect strategy on multiple platforms.

Along with various other recommendations, you can get the finest social media practice with Helms Enterprises. We make sure you are left without any need to push on with the time consuming elements of social media management, instead allowing you to delegate the time to what you can do the best. This saves any problems with managing the social media side of your business and instead allows you to just see the positive results.

Don’t let fear or uncertainty put you off using one of the most powerful programs that any business has access to for lead generation!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a crucial element of modern social media, because video tends to be the thing that gets people clicking. Whilst content is always your most valuable source of selling true information, a video is your “hook”.

Without a hook, how do you get people interested?

Well, with the help of social media and our video marketing team, you have access to both worlds. What stops many businesses from being a success is using a video that is either under-budgeted or avoiding video as they think it costs too much. With Helms Enterprises you don’t have to worry about pricing having to make you shelve your media plans.

Today, you can turn to our team to get a video made that in the past would have needed a production company. We’ll optimize it for easy viewing online and will master the video so that it comes across as a truly professional image. Then, you can use that power to make sure your business comes off the screen and into the minds of your clients, making you the #1 choice when they next need the help you can provide.

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